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January, 2017

Happy New Year to you all. 2016 ended with some smashing gigs. I played with the Tree Gees while cruising the Coral Sea from the Solomon Islands to Vanuatu, and had a touching reunion performance with Lorenzo Feliciati and Lucrezio de Seta in Rome. I also performed in Milan with an cool r&b band, appropriately named Fun Kit. A great Christmas album by Anno Domini Gospel Choir came out just on time - it features my arrangements and performances and I am really pleased with the work,
This year will see the issuing of a number of albums I played and arranged on. I can't wait for all of you to listen to them. Remember - the music world needs your help to survive, so please buy these albums if you like them, instead of streaming them on Spotify or Youtube.

October, 2016

Producing an album by Paul Sultana, a great guitarist and composer from Malta. Producing music for Pasquale Filastò and various TV productions.

September, 2016

Performing in Paris and Rome with the Tree Gees. Recording for a new album by Marco Rinalduzzi. Arranging a Christmas album for Anno Domini Gospel Choir.

Summer, 2016

Playing at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in Rome. "Il Racconto D'Inverno"

July, 2016

Great experience playing in Beirut with the Tree Gees.

May, 2016

50 sold-out concerts with Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi.

September, 2015

Concerts with Gianni Morandi and Claudio Baglioni have begun!

June, 2015

Release time for the new Goblin Rebirth album. Reactions to the preview tracks are very favourable! We've also performed some tracks in concert and it was great!
Currently working with Italian superstars Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi. I am happy to have laid a lot of tracks for their new single "Capitani Coraqggiosi", produced by my friend Marco Rinalduzzi.
I also continue making music with Pasquale Filasto' and Nicola Piovani.
It has also been a pleasure to record lots of lovely vintage keyboards with producer Danilo Pao on albums by Andrea Renda and Deserto Rosso. Not a trace of midi and sequencering in sight! :)

March, 2015

2014 was a busy year - I performed at about 70 concerts with Claudio Baglioni. I also recently finished working on a movie called "La Solita Commedia - Inferno" and it's just been released. The composer of the soundtrack is Pasquale Filastò, and there is a lot of additional music I composed myself.

I also had some sessions as a programmer and keyboard player for the Mediaset production "Squadra Mobile", with oscar-winner Nicola Piovani.

The Goblin Rebirth album is currently in print and I can't wait for the release. We're very proud of our work. Look out for it on the USA Relapse Records label.

The Mystic Diversions album is also soon to be released, with Cool D-Vision.

June, 2014

After months of concerts with Claudio Baglioni it's time for a break from touring. Back to writing and producing. Mystic Diversions' new album is well underway and I'm very excited about the material we are recording. There will be new performances with Goblin soon, and a new album from Goblin Rebirth, with totally new compositions. Work with Baglioni restarts at the end of summer, and I am looking forward to performing with such a great artist and such a wonderful band.

February, 2014

Getting ready for a great tour with Claudio Baglioni. I will be playing synths, guitar and flute.

January, 2014

Happy New Year to you all! 2013 was an amazing year, with lots of concerts around the world, mostly with Il Volo and Goblin. Lots of new things are coming up soon this year. There will hopefully be more frequent updates on this page. You can also check me out on
WORDPRESS, Facebook and Twitter.

August, 2013

Check out my new blog at WORDPRESS

July, 2013

It's been an eventful year. I started off playing with Alex Britti, then moved to a Rai Uno primetime program "Riusciranno I Nostri Eroi" with Max Giusti. I also did some radio programs with Max. Several sessions and concerts with Nicola Piovani followed and I finished the new Vintage Lounge Orchestra album with Mario Puccioni.
On May 1st I was at the Primo Maggio concert with Nicola Piovani and Fabrizio Bosso.
This June I was musical director for a great show in Rome dedicated to Vinicius de Moraes. Celso Fonseca, Selma Hernandez, Ornella Vanoni, Carla Cocco, Edy Palermo and Bungaro were the guest artists
. Now I'm preparing for another long tour across North and South America, but more about that later....

November, 2012

Back from the States after an amazing 2 1/2 month adventure with Il Volo. Currently performing and arranging for "Servizio Pubblico" on LA7 tv in Italy. The Carla Cocco album "Respiro" is released on the 5th. Performances with Vocintransito coming up. Work on the second album by Vintage Lounge Orchestra is steaming ahead and looking good.

August-October, 2012

Touring N. America with Il Volo.

May, 2012

Back to work in my studio after a great experience with Il Volo. Working on an album for a talented singer - Carla Cocco. Coming up - more gigs with Il Volo, Nicola Piovani and Michele Ascolese/Iguazù Project.

April, 2012

South America Tour with Il Volo. Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Argentina, Perù, Brasil. On this gig I'm playing piano and acoustic guitar with a great band featuring Marco Rinalduzzi, Marco Siniscalco, Carlo Palmas and Luca Trolli.

March, 2012

Concert performances and studio sessions with Nicola Piovani. Production for Vocintransito and Carla Cocco. The Lorenzo Feliciati album "Frequent Flyer" is released, featuring a track I played on with the legendary Pat Mastelotto on drums. The album "Chapter One" by Vintage Lounge Orchestra is released, and features several of my arrangements and performances.

December, 2011

Featuring in album releases by Marco Rinalduzzi, Nicola Piovani, Adriano Celentano, Adika Pongo. Performances with Vocintransito, Nicola Piovani, Mothers of Gospel, Paula Morelenbaum, Bungaro. Recording for TV production "Servizio Pubblico".

July, 2011

Producing an album for Vocintransito with new songs by Quarta Dimensione MPC. Performances with Mothers of Gospel and Bungaro.

June, 2011

A new project from the Mystic Diversions team is almost completed. Stay tuned.

Goblin Rebirth, featuring Goblin founders Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo are on the scene with live performances and a new cd/dvd in the making.

These past few months I have been working with Nicola Piovani on the new Adriano Celentano cartoon series, "Adrian".

Currently producing for upcoming artists Valeria Crescenzi and Sasha Barbot.

Performances with Lorenzo Feliciati, Krimsonick, Mothers of Gospel, Bungaro.

October, 2010

Release of Mystic Diversions' new album "ANGEL SOUL"
Release of Marco Mengoni's new DVD/album "Re Matto Live"
New music for Annozero.
Work on the Nicola Piovani movie soundtrack for "Tutti al Mare"
A great concert at the Rome auditorium Parco della Musica, with Bungaro,
Lorenzo Feliciati, Michele Ascolese, Lucrezio de Seta, Fiorella Mannoia, Paula Morelenbaum, Ambrogio Sparagna, Neri Marcorè.
Performance at the O'Scià festival in Lampedusa, with Marco Mengoni & Claudio Baglioni.

September, 2010

A long tour this summer with Marco Mengoni - some interesting projects are in the pipeline for this autumn.

Currently working on the movie soundtrack for "Tutti i Padri di Maria" with composer Pasquale Filastò.

19/9 - A theatre production with Nicola Piovani and Michele Placido.

April, 2010

"Arte" by Bungaro is in the shops. Currently I'm busy rehearsing for a nationwide tour with X-Factor winner Marco Mengoni.

December, 2009

have unfortunately split up (again). Such a pity, but the guys simply don't get on. What a waste of a great project...
Christmas concerts with Vocintransito. The Desiree Sings Bacharach album is almost complete and will feature some international artists.
Bungaro's album "Arte" will be out 15th January.
Work on a new Mystic Diversions album is underway.
Live performance for video with Son.
Won award for Best Soundtrack at Civita Cortofestival, co-written with Bungaro for the movie "Compito In Classe"
Played on soundtracks by Nicola Piovani for "L'Uomo Nero" and "L'Oro Di Napoli".

September, 2009

Great concerts with Goblin in Birmingham and London. Also did some nice gigs with Antonello Venditti. More shows with Vincenzo Cerami.

June 30, 2009

Playing in Paris with Goblin was one to remember! We had some problems with the sound on stage, but outside it was great!

We also gave our first concert in Italy, at the Dancity festval in Foligno. I even had an original Hammond B3 and Leslie 122 in my setup. Wonderful!

I was happy to perform in front of 25,000 people at the stadio olimpico in Rome, with Antonello Venditti.

At the Anno Domini Multifestival at Oropa I accompanied Rossana Casale and Bungaro.

May 25, 2009

Performances with Goblin are underway - after a great concert in Krems, Austria, we prepare to leave for the Villette Sonique festival in Paris. Yeah!

I have also recently performed with Italian superstar Antonello Venditti. We spent a few days in Canada, at the Niagara Falls. Great experience!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The founder of Mystic Diversions, Francesco Puccioni, also known as Mike Francis and Francesko, passed away this morning. Francesco was a dear friend and brother to us, and right now I cannot express the pain his loss has caused. He was the heart and soul of Mystic Diversions. He was a rare person, the kind you don't often meet. An unconditionally
generous and loving person. A true inspiration as a friend and as a musician. He also had a beautiful and unique voice.

I'll miss you, my dear friend. Thank you for everything.


Mixing the new Bungaro album, featuring a several guest artists. Rehearsals with an internationally-known prog band... more details later. Great concert at Piper Club with Universal recording artist SON. Lots of live performances coming up with gospel group Vocintransito.

6/2008 Touring with Simone Cristicchi. I added a Korg R3 vocoder synth to my setup and am having fun! New show with Vincenzo Cerami "Viaggio nel Silenzio".

5/2008 Orchestra tracks for Bungaro are ready.

4/2008 Rhythm tracks for the new Bungaro album are ready. We recorded at a great studio - International Recording, in Conversano, Puglia. I'm scoring for the orchestra sessions right now.

2/2008 Finished writing and recording the soundtrack for the feature film "La Canarina Assassinata", co-written with Bungaro. Recording the NTT Base album. Preproduction for the new Bungaro album is underway. The album will have some very distinguished guests and top musicians, including a full string orchestra I will be arranging and conducting.

12/2007 Several performances with Vocintransito, including the Gospel Jubilee Festival in Torino. 

10/2007 Sellout performance at the Auditorium in Rome, with "Le Mille e una Notte"... The show will be televised on Rai TV soon, and released on dvd with additional video material.

9/2007 The new MYSTIC DIVERSIONS album is released - "Wave A Little Light". Touring Italy with theatre performances of "Le Mille e una Notte" with Vincenzo Cerami featuring my own music. Manuela Zanier's album finally completed and ready for release. Working on arrangements for the first album by NTT Base. Recording and performing with Bungaro

6/2007 A great experience playing with Niccolò Fabi in Khartoum, Sudan, in aid of the Salesian centre in El Obeid for Darfur refugees. Seems like we were the first Western artists to give a concert there! It was great to play to such a great audience, for such a great cause. Band members were Niccolò, Lorenzo Feliciati, Alessandro Canini and myself. We had a great jam with Sudanese artist Kamal Kiela and his band.

I was struck by the good-natured, kind manner of the Sudanese people, who live in such difficult conditions even in Khartoum. The heat is killing. Desert sand penetrates every corner. Garbage and building detrites are everywhere. People do not have free medical care, so most have no care at all.

We visited the new hospital built by EMERGENCY and were taken around by Gino Strada. The Salam Cardiac Centre is the first high-quality, completely free of charge cardiac surgery centre in all of Africa.

5/2007 Working on brilliant artist Carmine Torchia's album. A new show with Vincenzo Cerami "Le Mille E Una Notte" debuts in Torino, featuring my original music. Standing ovation! Studio work with Nicola Piovani at Forum Music Village.

4/2007 Finally I got my video page started, thanks to MySpace. Great performances with Tinkara and Bungaro in Slovenia. Working on the new Mystic Diversions album.

3/2007 MySpace fever has caused me to neglect my website... Session with Nicola Piovani for the TV program "Anno Zero". New Mystic Diversions album in the making. Live performances coming up with Bungaro and Tinkara30-3 is the release date for the new Blank and Jones album "Relax" featuring Mike Francis and including my own contributions. "L'Ecclesiaste" with Vincenzo Cerami returns to Rome. 

2/2007 Working on the soundtrack for the film "Euclide Era Un Bugiardo". Music is by Barbara Parisi, with some songs we wrote together. Great live performances in Rome (Auditorium and La Palma) and Mondovì with Bungaro. New arrangements for the Anno Domini Gospel Choir

12/2006 Manuela Zanier's new single "Buonadanza" is being distributed to radio stations in a promo version. An interesting collaboration begins with songwriter-singer Carmine Torchia. 

11/2006 Recording the new Vocintransito album. The Niccolò Fabi, Novo Mesto Tour ends with a great performance at VideoItalia in Milan. 

10/2006 Working on Iole's new project, featuring Agostino Marangolo, Lorenzo Feliciati and Francesco Valente. Recording is taking place at Forum Music Village, Nonsense and Zamusic studios. 
An interesting performance for piano and guitar with Francesco Valente took place at the National Library in Rome for Polisgramma.
I'm also co-producing for an R&B project to be marketed in Spain - more news on that as things develop :)

9/2006 As the Fabi tour comes to an end, I reunite with Vincenzo Cerami for some performances of "L'Ecclesiaste", featuring my original music. Work on Zanier's new single and album is almost complete.

8/2006 The Fabi tour continues with great success...

7/2006 A great performance with Niccolò Fabi in Catania also featured Jovanotti and Mario Venuti as special guests. "Evaporare" Live at Music Forum Village is released on iTunes and has me playing flute and piano.

Work with Aisha Cerami and Manuela Zanier continues. Touring with Fabi. What a great band to be with! Fernando Pantini has replaced Danilo Pao on guitar. The Glauco album is complete. Lorenzo Feliciati's album "Live at European BassDay & more" is released and features myself and Lucrezio De Seta. We really let ourselves loose in these performances!

25/6/2006 Welcome to my sweet little daughter - LISA!!!

6/2006 The Fabi Tour starts off again!!! Studio work with Pasquale Filastò, including an improvised Hulusi performance...

5/2006 Mixing the Glauco album. Aisha Cerami's new single is complete and features Bungaro, Michele Ascolese, Lisa Green, Alice Warshaw, Claudio Ugolini, Ezster Nagypal and Luca Bulgarelli. Eva Henger's single "My Heart Is Dancing" is released.

4/2006 The Fabi "Novo Mesto" tour continues, and includes a live performance on Radio Rai, from Via Asiago in Rome.

3/2006 Touring with Niccolò Fabi - sell-out concerts in theatres around Italy. The band features Lorenzo Feliciati, Agostino Marangolo, Francesco Valente, Danilo Pao and Massimo Cusato. Recording Glauco's album at Forum Music Village and my studio.

2/2006 "Novo Mesto" by Niccolò Fabi is released. "From the Distance" by Mystic Diversions to be released this month. Gigs with Lorenzo Feliciati - his album "Live at European Bass Day and more" is currently being mixed.

Working on album projects with Aisha Cerami, Manuela Zanier and new artist Glauco Lancellotti. Niccolò Fabi's new album "Novo Mesto" (see pictures here) is about to be released. We will be touring Italy starting in March. String arranging for Mike Francis' new project.

12/2005 Work at Forum Music Village and in my studio with Nicola Piovani on Gernot Roll's new film "Hotzenplotz". Christmas concerts with the girls of gospel Vocintransito.

11/2005 Performances in Milan with Vincenzo and Aisha Cerami. Laying tracks for Manuela Zanier's new album. Recording a dance song with Eva Henger! The Mystic Diversions album n4 is almost complete - more details soon. The artist I referred to last month was Niccolò Fabi! The new album "Novo Mesto" will be released next February and features Lorenzo Feliciati, Agostino Marangolo, Francesco Valente, Adriano Pennino,  Fabrizio Simoncioni and other musicians.

10/2005 Recording with a well known Italian artist in a lovely studio outside Italy... more info later :)
With bassist Lorenzo Feliciati I was part of a great performance at the Euro Bass Day in Verona. With us were the wonderful Lucrezio de Seta on drums and Fabrizio Mandolini on sax. The amazing harmonica player Tollak Ollestad joined us on the stage and was truly inspiring!

09/2005 After a short holiday in Sicily and Malta with my wife it's back to work - Preproduction for Bungaro's new album is underway. I played on another film soundtrack "Fauteuils d'orchestre" by Piovani. Working on my own soundtrack for a documentary about Pasolini, by Mario Sesti and Matteo Cerami. The fourth Mystic Diversions album is taking shape. October looks set to be one of the busiest months of my life!

08/2005 Long time since I updated this page but I've been busy! Recent projects I've worked on have been "La Tigre e la Neve", Roberto Benigni's new film, with music by Piovani and featuring Tom Waits and "Matilde", a TV film also scored by Piovani. I also worked on the Italian versions of some new Baby Looney Tunes episodes and "Kong - King of Atlantis"
   I am currently touring with Vincenzo Cerami and we've also performed in locations around Sicily and Sardinia. Work is also underway for the new Mystic Diversions album and one song "Janeiro" is already released in the album "Summer of Love Ibiza"
    On a sader tone, the producer Renato Venturiero has passed away - we worked together on several productions and he was a true upholder of quality in music.... rest in peace Renato!

03/2005 Work with Paolo de Lazzaro and Pino Romanelli on Zanier's album continues - there is killer material to be released! New creations from Mystic Diversions are also underway.
The theatre production "L'Ecclesiaste" with Vincenzo Cerami opens this month with my music and performing. A key feature of the shows is my use of breath control with my Yamaha Motif. 

12/2004 An unforgettable experience in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, with Bungaro and Max De Tomassi. We performed at Daniela Mercury's show for the World Tourism Conference. Playing with her musicians in front of thousands was something to remember! And it was great to escape from cold Europe for a few days :) 
    Back here I'm having a busy time with the gospel group Vocintransito. More performances with Cerami and Bungaro coming up. Merry Xmas to all!

11/2004 At work on productions with Roberto Kunstler, Manuela Zanier, Valentina Gravili and Pasquale Filastò. Concert with Bungaro on Video Italia television. Played in Germany  with Lorenzo Feliciati at the European Bass Day, in Viersen! The band also features Lucrezio de Seta on drums and Vittorio Iuè on keys. Lorenzo's great album "Upon My Head" contains  "Don't Ask Me To Dance" with my keys and string arrangement.

10/2004 Sad news - Baruch Chadwick, the Adika Pongo singer, has left this world. He will be remembered as a joyful and immensely talented person. We will miss you Baruch - rest in peace....

10/2004 2 concerts in Shanghai with Niccolò Fabi... an experience to remember! Pictures coming soon! 6 shows a week at the Teatro Ambra Jovinelli in Rome with Vincenzo Cerami and Aisha Cerami

09/2004 Summer concerts with Bungaro end. Recording sessions with Piovani and concerts in China with Niccolò Fabi are coming up!

08/2004 The tour with Bungaro continues. The "epilogue" piano-double bass duet with Lorenzo Feliciati pulls a lot of applauses :) Mystic Diversions gives a great performance at the Frontone Beach on the island of Ponza.

07/2004 With Mike Francis we toured the Philippines again, giving 3 concerts, in Makati, Alabang and Cebu City. It was wonderful  to visit again and the concerts were great! Thanks to the great musicians and crew! 
This was the band lineup: 
    Keys and local director: Lorrie Illustre
    Bass: Soc Mina
    Sax: Rancis Leon
    Vocals: Jingle Buena and Arnie Mendaros
    Guitar: Noel Santiago
    Drums: Rolly Quizon

06/2004 Touring with Bungaro begins. "Tango Navigando" by Manuela Zanier is released. 

05/2004 Mystic Diversions new album "COLOURS" is out! Two of my songs "Inti Habib" and "Dream of Kamala" are in it. The new single by Manuela Zanier is soon to be released. Work on Valentina Gravili's album continues. The Bungaro Tour begins...
I was lucky to get hold of a beautiful Wurlitzer 200A electronic piano. Instant Supertramp! 

04/2004 Sessions with Piovani for a French movie "L'equipier". Production:  a new single for Manuela Zanier. The song, by Pino Romanelli and Valentina Gravili, features a killer rhythm section with Alfredo Golino and Roberto Meloni and is being recorded at my studio and Pietro Benini's Top Studio. We are also doing preproduction for Valentina Gravili's new album. Also soon to be released "Si Può Chiamare Amore" by Roberto Kunstler. More work in progress - rehearsing with Bungaro. The band features Lorenzo Feliciati, Michele Ascolese and Cristiano Micalizzi.

03/2004 "Never Terrorism, Never War" released. The song, with music by Marcella Pasquali is based on a prayer by Pope John Paul II, and features the Pope himself! Various artists from around the world sing here, including Gino Vannelli. The English lyrics were written by Mike Francis and myself.

03/2004 Directed "Guardastelle" for Bungaro at the Festival di Sanremo. The album "L'Attesa" has been released, and features fantastic musicians such as Michele Ascolese, Lorenzo Feliciati, Francesco Puglisi, Cristiano Micalizzi, Fabio Ceccarelli, Agostino Marangolo.... My dear friends Gianluca di Furia (producer) and Pino Romanelli (Lyrics) did an amazing job!

02/2004 Directed the Italian version of the Powerpuff Girls special musical episode "See me, feel me, gnomey". Recording the album "L'Attesa" by Bungaro. This will be a great cd, featuring great musicians and including a large string orchestra. More info soon!

12/2003 The dvd "Niccolò Fabi - La Cura del Tempo Tour 2003" is released - we're all proud of it. Excellent production, cool behind the scenes documentary... and it was all done in a single performance with NO AUDIO EDITS!!!! 
"Occhi Belli" by Bungaro is out - a great song, and I'm very happy with my string arrangement! 

11/2003 The Fabi tour takes off again! Working with Bungaro and Pino Romanelli on new material. Arrangements for Roberto Kunstler. Again with Monica Ward I produce all the Italian songs for a cartoon "Grandma got run over by a reindeer". Imagine trying to sing Randy Brooks country music in Italian... well it kinda worked!  Sessions for the film "Luisa Sanfelice" by the Taviani bros start. Music by Piovani, of course! 

10/2003 As we take a 3 week break from the Fabi tour, I somehow find the time to record with Nicola Piovani at Forum Music Village for the film "Das Sams 2". I also got a surprise call for a session with Ennio Morricone, for work on a new cd. Great concert in Neuchatel, Switzerland, with Mike Francis and Mystic Diversions. With Monica Ward I produced all the Italian songs for a cartoon "The New Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina".

9/2003 The tour continues. We give a huge concert in Stra for the upcoming live dvd by Niccolò Fabi. Fiorella Mannoia is special guest. Arranging and recording  "Occhi Belli" by Bungaro for the film "Io No". I have the pleasure and honour of directing the strings of the Orchestra di Roma for this song. . New cartoons coming up!

8/2003 Touring like mad with Fabi - the band is kicking ass!

5/2003 The Fabi theatre tour was very successful... Off we go for the summer tour around Italy, this time with a larger setup for outdoor concerts. The acoustic piano has been replaced by a Yamaha P200 stage piano.

4/2003 Touring with Niccolo' Fabi around Italy. A cool experience! The band features the first class musicians Lorenzo Feliciati (bass), "Barone" Agostino Marangolo (drums), Francesco Valente (guitars) and Massimo Cusato (percussion). Niccolò plays acoustic guitar on several songs. This is about as good as a gig gets in Italy - great music, nice people on stage and behind the scenes, high tech standard, acoustic grand piano and Rhodes mk1 in my rig.... and sold out theatres! We also had the phenomenal special guest Stefano di Battista on sax in Rome and Milan. Check out the pictures in the photo page.

Musical direction for Warner cartoon series "Baby Looney Tunes". Happy Easter to all!

2/2003 Concerts with Mystic Diversions in Milan, Bologna and Rome. The band features Francesko, Mario Puccioni, Marco Rinalduzzi, Patti Palma and myself. Sessions with Piovani at Forum Music City for the film "Gli Indesiderabili". I also had the pleasure of reuniting with Vincenzo Cerami for his show in Merano.

1/2003 Mystic Diversions live are a reality! Our first showcase performance in Milan was held on the 26th - more info soon!

12/2002 A Merry and Peaceful Christmas to you all! 
Patrizia Laquidara makes it through the final qualification for the Sanremo Festival, to be held in March 2003. "Beneath Another Sky" by Mystic Diversions is officially launched and has been receiving excellent reviews. 
I was happy to be a member of the jury at the GOSPEL JUBILEE FESTIVAL in Torino - my dear friend Aurelio Pitino, an excelllent singer and truly inspiring person, organised the event and performed with his group: the ANNO DOMINI GOSPEL CHOIR.

11/2002 The Mystic Diversions album is doing well and there will be surprises soon! Pat Laquidara got through the first two episodes of "Destinazione Sanremo" with flying colours... Post-production and editing on a double CD with soundtracks by Piovani, soon to be released. La Combriccola del Blasco riunites for a gig in Formia. The Zammit-Bungaro team is working hard...!

10/2002 Back to studio work, preparing arrangements for the Anno Domini gospel choir. Preparing for "Destinazione Sanremo", RAI2 with Bungaro and Patrizia Laquidara. Gigs with Prodotti Atipici.

9/2002 About to go on the road with Vincenzo Cerami and his show "Lettere al Metronomo", featuring Aisha Cerami and myself. Music is by Piovani. First shows in Mantova starting 4/9. The video with Bocelli is out and is entitled "The Homecoming".

8/2002 Back from a load of gigs in Sardinia and Maratea. Tiennetì are getting a lot of exposure with the single. The short film "Bbobbolone" directed by Daniele Cascella wins first prize (premio RAI) at the Città del Corto festival in Trevignano - the soundtrack is written by myself and Bungaro, and was recorded in my studio. 

7/2002 Keyboard sessions with orchestra on soundtrack by Piovani for "Pinocchio", Roberto Benigni's new film. Single by P. Laquidara "Agisce" released, also containing brazilian and acoustic versions. The song features as the main theme for a program on Radio Uno Rai.
Patrizia Laquidara wins three prizes at the Premio della Musica in Recanati: Premio della Giuria, Best Music and Best Performer. I arranged and produced the song "Agisce" with Bungaro. We also gave a performance in Cremona at the free international airport festival.
The new Mystic Diversions album "BENEATH ANOTHER SKY" is due for release any moment and can already be heard on Radio Montecarlo and Radio Centro Suono.
The show "SOGNI CINEMATOGRAFICI II" with Monica Ward, myself and Stefano Refolo opens on the 13th June at Castel S. Angelo.
The single "Una Ragazza In Due" by Tiennettì (guess who arranged it... :) is ready.

3/2002 Great performance with Mike Francis and Prodotti Atipici in Rome.
I had a thrilling gig playing keyboards with the superb guitarist Michele Ascolese and his band ONDABUENA HOTEL at Café Latino in Rome. The band features Stefano Parenti on drums, singer Nilo, Maurizio Meo on bass and Raul "Cuervo" Scebba on percussion. On this occasion I replaced Muzio Marcellini, who is busy with another project at the moment... Performing with these guys is a gas!!! Their music is beautiful and they really made me play my ass off... never had so many solos in a single night..! Let's do it again soon!

2/2002 I am honoured to play keyboards with Andrea Bocelli in a live performance at Torre del Lago, Puccini's home town. The band members are Tullio de Piscopo, Marco Rinalduzzi, Gigi di Rienzo, Danilo Rea, Claudio Storniolo, Davide Aru and myself. We performed 12 of Bocelli's songs for a video special to be distributed worldwide. More info soon.
The new single by Patrizia Laquidara is mixed.
The new Mystic Diversions album is almost completed.


1/2002 Sessions with Piovani for "Il Nostro Matrimonio è in Crisi" by Antonio Albanese. A nice live acoustic performance with the fascinating Patrizia Laquidara, with Bungaro on guitar and Massimo Cusato on percussion.
Work on the second Mystic Diversions album has begun.
Prodotti Atipici are going strong and expanding their horizons - we are now accompanying Mike Francis in concert.

10/2001 More work with Piovani for the show "I Figli della Lupa" at Teatro Sistina, Rome.

7/2001 Live concert with Mike Francis on the terrace of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Eur, Rome. Featuring Wendy Lewis, we performed 3 songs from "Mystic Diversions"... a very enjoyable "ambient" evening for the numerous audience! The Mystic Diversions tracks are now appearing on several compilations. 
More shows with Monica Ward - each show was a huge success at Castel S. Angelo.
Studio sessions for soundtrack of Sepulveda's film "Nowhere", music by Nicola Piovani...

6/2001 Studio sessions with orchestra at Forum for Robbiano's film "Hermano" with a great cast of actors including Rade Serbedgia and Paolo Villaggio. I assisted talented composer Pasquale Filastò, played keys  and contributed with some of my own music.
"Movie Dreams"  at Castel S. Angelo in Rome, with Monica Ward (Lisa Simpson's voice!) and Stefano Refolo. This show features songs from several movies, rearranged and performed by yours truly... nice experience in a marvelous setting.
More performances and recordings....

5/2001 Keyboard sessions at Lead Studio with Nicola Piovani, for the film "Resurrezione" by the Taviani brothers. The story is based in eastern Europe - I had to recreate traditional Russian instruments like the Balalaika and Bayan...
Spotting for film score "Hermano" with composer Pasquale Filastò.
Arranging and programming with Bungaro for new artists.
A very pleasurable R&B gig with singer Valentina Ducros in Rome - all-acoustic with piano, contrabass and drums....

4/2001 In studio with the wonderful Angelo Branduardi and his trusted sound engineer Stefano Grasso. Angelo recorded 8 songs for the English version of his Platinum selling album dedicated to St. Francis. I penned the lyrics with Mike Francis. One of these songs was composed by Ennio Morricone. I am truly honoured to have worked with these people!

The gigs with Prodotti Atipici go on!

3/2001 Orchestra studio sessions with the Oscar-winning composer Nicola Piovani. The soundtrack is for a German film called "Das Sams"...
Other sessions with Pasquale Filastò for film soundtrack of "Rossellini", directed by Carlo Lizzani.

2/2001 The album "Mystic Diversions" has just been released by Cool Division, Energy Productions. It features two of my songs... "Sweet" and "If You Ever Call My Name"
Prodotti Atipici is gigging all over the place...
Some soundtrack work coming up soon...
Mike Francis and myself are writing the English lyrics for a new album by a well known Italian artist...
Seems like Adika Pongo are history, at least for the time being...

11/2000    Working in studio with Mike Francis and Mario Puccioni. Also preparing music for TV with composer/cellist Pasquale Filastò. Concerts coming up with cover dance band "Prodotti Atipici"....

10/2000    Adika Pongo are currently taking a break so I'm using my free time to be creative  in my studio!

8/2000    Tour with Mike Francis as musical director and keyboardist - we played to 20000 people in the Philippines! Check out the behind-the scenes pictures here

15/4/00   The Mike Francis - Adika Pongo Tour

11/2/00   The eternal Adika Pongo tour goes on, and soon there will also be concerts with Mike Francis, of "Survivor" and "Friends" fame....!

17/9/99   New record deal: The new Adika Pongo super single is recorded and soon to be released by an important label in Milan.

Adika Pongo give fine playback performances on TV :) - "Uno Mattina", Rai Uno - "30 ore per la vita", Italia Uno


September '99 - On tour: Please welcome our guest female vocalist from Chicago, Wendy Lewis!

22/7/99 The Adika Pongo/Erèsia single on the RTI MUSIC label is ready - official launch date is 2nd September.... a few preview copies are already reaching the radio stations around Italy - hope you like it!!! The cd features two songs arranged by the band with Baruch and Erèsia duetting away.... "Gli Occhi Miei" is an Italian version of the Babyface hit "I'll Make Love To You". "Non Basta Mai" is a song by our friends Uto and Ato :), and features raps in English by Baruch...

The tracks were recorded in our studio on a 3 Adat-Cubase VST system, with vocal additions at Antonello Venditti's studio (grazie!!!) and Mulino Recording, where we mixed (thanks Francesco Luzzi and Cesare Chiodo!). "Maestro" Alessandro Colombini oversaw the whole production.

The keyboards on the tracks include my faithful ESQ-1, the minimoog and the clavinet..... 


(c) 2005 Dr Aidan Zammit Lupi

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